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Bernhardt Design recently collaborated with designer Francesco Favaretto of Favaretto & Partners Design Studio to create the Bombom line.

Named after Favaretto’s favorite Italian childhood treat, Bombom has the ability to both catch your eye and invite you into rest.

On the outside is a hard, durable shell held together by a structure of 25mm diameter steel tube that comes in different finishes: painted, chromed or anodized. Inside, you will find soft, pillowy, removable cushions available in a wide array of textural fabrics and rich colors, from neutrals to reds, blues, greens and more.

Favaretto & Partners supports and practices the principles of Design for All, promoted by the IIDD (Italian Institute Design Disability, today known as DFA Italy), which favors good design practices that aim to ensure the accessibility of places and objects to the widest range of users.

Bombom fits perfectly in any room or environment due to its size and varied finishes and is sure to wow your guests with both its style and comfort.

Visit the Bernhardt Design website to explore the many options of Bombom.